Pneumatic nail and stapling guns are used to fabricate various shipping crates. Depending on the thickness of materials used, fasteners range in size from ¼ inch staples up to 5 inch nails. Various hinges, hasps and twist fasteners locks are used in building reusable “show” containers.

The large volume manufacturing section builds skids and crates utilizing production line methods. At time, conveyor lines are used to help dictate production rates. These methods generate a large volume of products with reduce production costs.

The company brings many years of experience; dating back to 1961, a well trained staff of packaging specialists, have provided expertise in the design, testing and fabrication of various shipping containers.


A high volume plywood cutting saw is utilized to cut large quantities of the same size containers. Plywood is both ripped and cross-cut while handling the sheets only once. Eliminating additional handling of plywood substantially reduces milling time.

Woodworking equipment includes computerized crosscut saws for cutting trim and lumber, while optimizing the cuts to keep fall-off at a bare minimum. Repeat orders need only to be recalled from the extensive menu driven “Touch Tone” monitors.

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